Everyday is Wisdom – Episode 1, Part 1/2

Everyday is Wisdom – Episode 1, Part 1/2 In this episode of Every Day is Wisdom wellness and yoga coach, Jewels Lamm, shares her thoughts and a guided meditation on manifesting a dream life. This discussion is all about feeling the good feeling first and then manifesting second.  The goal in life no matter what you are wanting is happiness. So find a way to feel good first. Look for the good n things.  Be constantly grateful for the good, and your life will move into a beautiful flow. Enjoy the video! If this article was of value to you, please comment below and share. By the way, please be free to check out our own Facebook Fan Page: Bren & Mike Prosperity Tips.   Bren Koger Facebook: bren.koger Twitter: @brenkoger If you have a passion and want to share it with the world, and want to make money while doing it, then check out http://www.urmoneymagnet.com.  Learn how our viral blogging system can work for you.  Article: Everyday Is Wisdom – Episode 1, Part 1 of 2


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