IPAS2 System – Is the IPAS 2 System Finally Here?

“IPAS2 System – Is the IPAS 2 System Finally Here?” by Mike Marko.

The word has just come out… the IPAS2 System is set to launch. It was originally set to launch back in January but due to a series of delays by Empower Network we will finally …


IPAS2 System – The IPAS 2 System Is Finally Here!

IPAS2 System – The IPAS 2 System Is Finally Here! Finally!!! The IPAS2 System is set to launch.  Originally it was set to launch back in January but due to a series of delays by Empower Network we will finally have the launch on September 8, 2014. From what I have seen they have even a better tested product that is air tight and ready to go because of the delays.  I heard that there were some negotiations between Empower Network and the IPAS 2 team, plus it had to go through the compliance gauntlet. More importantly it is finally here! If you want to check out what all the buzz is about, then click here to go to the recorded hangout.  The hangout discloses “all the details about the changes they’ve gone through in the past month that can increase your income with IPAS 2 by 300% or more… You’ll get a full walkthrough of all the features and benefits you’ll have as an IPAS 2 founding member…” Check it out by clicking here to get to the Google Hangout.  What is IPAS2?

How to Change the VBS Banner

How to Change the VBS Banner The previous article discussed How to Make Your Empower Network Website Banner Using PowerPoint.  This video goes over how to change the banner at the top of the Empower Network VBS.  Customizing the banner helps make your website more congruent with the content of the blog. It can’t be emphasized enough that it is extremely important to blog at least 5-7 times a week… once per day.  it is part of the Empower Network core commitments.  Personally I prefer to post several posts a day but that is because I manage several blogs and I need to keep the content fresh.  There are so many reasons why posting daily is important that it is too much to go into in this article…. we’ll cover it in another article. I highly recommend the Viral Blogging System for anyone interested in blogging.  It is very easy to use, and plus Empower Network has an affiliate program with a 100% commission structure.  You can sign up for the blogging system by clicking the bu