Beware The Power of Words; Your Subconscious is Listening

Share this post and help spread the love! “Beware The Power of Words; Your Subconscious is Listening” written by Mike Marko. Did you know that your words shape your future? Yeah, I know: it’s pretty hard to believe. If you are like most people, even my old self, you will say pretty much anything in intense moments.  You may even say things you don’t mean for fun in relaxed situations. But you could be hurting yourself (and others, especially children). Let me tell you how this happens, and how you can use the power of words to help you succeed. The Power of Words When Your Subconscious Mind is Like A Sponge We all know how the conscious mind works.  It allows us to think, reason through situations, and dictate our actions. My Conscious Mind Even as I type this out, it is mostly my conscious mind that is actively determining what words to type to get my message out.  I think ahead of time where I want this blog post to go, what ideas I want to present, and what I want you, t


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