Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself

Share this post and help spread the love! Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself written by Bren Koger. Toastmasters The Icebreaker and Reinventing Yourself In my very first Toastmasters speech called “The Icebreaker” I compared myself to the singer, Madonna. .video-container{text-align:center;} I told of three things I don’t share in common: I’ve never kissed Brittany Spears. I’ve never written a book called “Sex.” I have never been on “Forbes Most Influential Celebrity List.” (not yet) And the three things I do share in common: We were both born in August. We both have one son. Mine is an amazing loving kind grad student at The University of Michigan  in Ann Arbor. We both like to reinvent ourselves every few years. What I mean by that, is that Madonna has gone through her 80’s stage, her glamour stage, her mom/Evita stage and now is reinventing herself again as a 50 something grill wearing cougar. Madonna Kissed Drake Once again she is causing a sensation


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