Make Money Blogging While Doing Your Daily Chores

Share this post and help spread the love! Make Money Blogging While Doing Your Daily Chores Blogging has been around for over ten years.  For someone with a busy schedule, which is pretty much everyone now a days, finding time to blog can seem daunting. Millionaires figure out ways to make money while doing other things!! The trick is to find a way to make use of the time you are already spending doing other things.  This could be while you are driving, going for a walk, pushing your kids in a stroller, grocery shopping, walking your dog, or anything else throughout your day.  Basically you are making money while doing things you already have to do. Even right now I m writing this blog using the iPhone Seri while driving to the post office. Isn t that easy? To blog while you are doing something else you just need to use your phone and record your blog verbally.  Most smart phones have a way to record your voice.  My iPhone can even automatically take my voice and automatically


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