What Is SEO Services | How to Get Found In Google Search

Share this post and help spread the love! What Is SEO Services | How to Get Found In Google Search written by Mike Marko. Are you struggling with how to get found in Google Search? Do you have blog posts and you don t know why they are not being found? The thing is, there is a ton of stuff out there on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  but it misses out on some key stuff.  While sometimes it is because the guru is concealing their advantage, often it s because they really don t know. Now we can help! We are now offering SEO services to help you get found! But first, this is what we ve done just recently. Social Proof What We ve Done Here are some examples of what we have done. IPAS2 We ve controlled the keyword, IPAS2, since the launch of IPAS2 in early September 2015.  We also have ranked well with several other long tail keywords associated with IPAS2. Kalatu We ve been able to establish dominance over the keyword, Kalatu, since the launch in January 2015.  We have also been ab


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