You Must Endeavor to Persevere

You Must Endeavor to Persevere  written by Mike Marko. Have you had days where you felt knocked down? Like no matter what you did to move towards your goal that nothing worked? Wouldn t it be just easier to give up? Well maybe But if you are following your true passion, and you have a powerful reason for why you are on your path, then no matter what happens you will have a much better chance that you ll endeavor to persevere. VIDEO: Endeavor to Persevere .video-container{text-align:center;} In the video I talk about how it is important for you to endeavor to persevere.  Sure you may be tempted to give up.  The challenge may seem impossible to solve. But that s not true! Like the saying goes, where there s a will there s a way.  There is nothing more true that that. Here s a couple of examples of the benefit of perseverance and how I was able to turn things around. The SEO Struggle When I first started doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it was a huge struggle.  I didn t know w


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